Don’t Mind Me, Mind the PVP Podcast

It's really early in the morning where I am, well really early if you were up until 2:30 last night ' which I was. Any who, I saw that Scott Kurtz, the man behind PVP, will be hosting a live podcast tonight at 9 p.m. That's 8 for me, 10 for you on the East Coast and well you get the picture.

I'm excited because A: I love behind the scenes looks at anything that has a scene. B: this is a live call in podcast so I hope some one says something stupid or starts a fight, that's always good radio. C: Kurtz doing a podcast, who knew he wanted to be like us? D: Kris Struab is planning on cohosting. E: It'll be using a new technology, Talk Shoe. I just love that new technology smell.

I wish I would have seen this yesterday when he announced it so I could give you guys more a heads up. Sorry.

Because I still cranky at the world for continuing to rotate last night, I'm just going to mention briefly that the big news over at Comixpedia early this week was that Web Comics Nation is now offers a free service along with it's normal fare. I've been meaning to check it out ' because I'm instantly attracted to all things free ' but haven't found the time, yet. When I have some firm opinions I let you guys know.

Peace out. I'm gonna go pass out.


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