IPMWNS ~OR~ The (1/2) Week in Review

A lot can happen in a few days, and this causes some stories to fall through the cracks. Luckily, the Interest Piquers Mid-Week News Slam is there to catch those stories for a segment I like to call…The Interest Piquers Mid-Week News Slam!

  • Scott Kurtz has been announced as one of the Guests of Honor at next year’s San Diego Comic-Con. As a creator, this is a huge honor. As a webcomics creator and visionary, this is HUGE news. Congratulations to Scott on the great honor and three cheers for webcomics, now joining the rest of the creative world in acknowledgement and visibility!
  • Chris Simmons of Digital Unrest is happy to announce that the strip just passed the exciting (and crucial) one year anniversary. DU features some of the best gaming satire this side of Penny Arcade and VGCats and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath. So congrats to Chris for hanging in that long and I certainly hope the impending Wii provides unendless fodder to your punchlines.
  • Richard Stevens is once AGAIN in bed with Wizard, this time being featured in their regular “Ask The Pros” Q&A. Click here for the tawdriness!
  • Considering how much webcomics owe to their printed brethren in terms of form and style, it’s kind of odd that there aren’t more superhero strips available (and by that, I mean good ones). Justin Pierce, creator of Killroy and Tina, seeks to change that with The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. The strip features biting commentary on many superhero conventions and sports a style akin to Scary Go Round’s, circa old school. With Nazis, bears, and superheroes, what more could you possibly want from a comic strip?
  • A superhero of a different color is being drawn with DJ Coffman’s Comic Book Challenge 2006 winner, Hero By Night. If you haven’t already heard the story, the strip opens as a young man finds the costume and secret lair of a forgotten superhero. The hook is his decision: will he cash in and sell the lot to make millions or study the heroic deeds and seek to become the heir apparent to the mysterious dynasty?
    Today marked the first strip of the webcomic which will act as the bonus features to the feature-length stories told in the print book. Featuring the original Hero’s journals and words of wisdom, it’s great fun for anyone anxious for the release of the comic book.
  • Kris Straub has started a sketch blog. He draws stuff in it. Then he talks about his drawings. If you dig a look into the minds of artists as much as I, then this is very cool news.
  • Jeph Jacques has been badly wounded in a knife accident, leaving an artery severed and his drawing hand compromised. Send well wishes accordingly and help me in wishing one of the biz’s best a speedy recovery.
  • And finally, it’s guest artist week over at Rob and Elliot! I’d say the strip has been stale for a while now but hopefully this infusion of new content and style will spark that something special in creators Clay and Hampton Yount to make it as ridiculously funny as it once was.

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