Interest Piquers #9 ~OR~ Lots Of Celebratin’ Goin’ On!

Nothing as exciting as huge purchases of webcomic collectives by up-and-coming development studios, but some notable anniversaries to…uh, note, and a couple gaming webcomic bits of news to report. No use wastin’ any more time…

  • Though not in this news cycle, the word of Brad Guigar’s 2000th strip on the Interweb milestone is worth spreading as far as possible. The man behind titles like Evil, Inc., Courting Disaster, and Phables and the brain behind last year’s mega-successful Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon (presented by Blank Label Comics) started in February of 2000 and has been updating every Monday-Saturday cycle that he could manage.
    Stand up and take a bow, sir. You’ve earned it.
  • Asylumantics reached its 5th year of existence on the Web, giving Chris Cantrell yet another reason to gloat amongst his webcomic creator buddies. Celebrate the good times with the site’s redesign and tell him to update more frequently. We love the characters, too, Chris. We love the characters, too.
  • Congrats to the folks at Zoinks! for reaching their five year anniversary as well! I haven’t been with them since the beginning, so I won’t congratulate myself, but Bill Charbonneau and the rest of the staff at that fine, fine publication deserve our gratitude. Getting webcomics and their respective news items, interviews, reviews, and more into print was way overdue and here’s hoping the circulation continues to grow the fan base of webcomics.
  • Wizard continues the webcomic lovin’ with an interview with one half of everyone’s favorite Penny Arcade creator duo extraordinaire, Mike Krahulik. As always, he’s got some interesting things to say about the work he and Jerry do, including how frickin’ big they’ve gotten over the last few years.
    Seriously. They’re HUGE.
  • Also of gaming note, the video game blog du jour (rhymes with “hour”) Joystiq has a weekly webcomic wrap-up that they call the Weekly Webcomic Wrap-Up. They take the week’s best gaming webcomics and ask you, yes YOU, the fans, which you think is the bestest of them all. In an arena where Press Start to Play can best Penny Arcade and upstarts like Fanboys can upset the entire gaming webcomic balance, anything can happen! Check it out and vote for your favorite!

That’s all for now. I hear The Amazing Superzeroes now comes with 100% more ninjas so I’m going to go check that out. You should do the same.


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