To Be A Game Or Create A Game

There’s two pieces of gaming news that Digital Strips just can’t resist for long. I’m laughing at myself as well as I realize just how late I am telling you about these two games.

The first bit of news you have to have heard of by now because I’m just now writing about it. Two weeks ago I caught this little piece of news from the GameDaily Biz. Penny Arcade and Hothead Games have joined together to create a series of Penny Arcade webcomic-based games. The first is Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness and will be available via digital download. The guys behind Hothead Games are pretty confident in producing a high quality game with such titles as The Simpsons Hit & Run and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction under their developer’s belts. They are so confident that the President of Hothead Games stated, “I’ve promised this with past games, and I stand by it: if the game sucks, I’ll eat my shirt.” These games will be a self-funded, completely independent project on the three major PC platforms. Jerry Holkins tell us the games are exclusively for readers as the two of them are responsible for the look, story, and dialogue.

The not as big but just as exciting news comes from a strip we reviewed back on show 60. Dave Rigley, the creator behind the web comic 24 1/2 Water St., has joined with Bill Eaken to produce an interactive sitcom. “Exchange Studentis a point and click adventure game that will appeal to those who enjoy TV cartoon shows like Johnny Bravo, games like Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island and TV sitcoms like Friends, That 70s Show and Married with Children. The game centers around Emilio Carboni, a 22 y.o. Italian student who has never had a girlfriend in his entire life. His friend Vincenzo has just come back from an exchange program in Sweden where he met many attractive ladies during his stay. Emilio decides to follow his friend’s path and travels to Sweden to spend a semester there, studying in Västerås. Of course fate is not that kind with the ‘hero’. This game will also be delivered in the form of episodes and the first episode, called “First Day in Sweden”, was released the 18th of August.


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