Some New Girls Nextdoor

There are two things in my life that I know that I fully understand. 1) Pudding is delicious 2) I don't understand women.

Fortunately there's Girlamatic, an off shoot of Modern Tales focusing on comics for young women, which if I weren't such a raging ball of manly testosterone, I would read for peeks into the psyche of the fairer sex.

Just as MT did earlier, Girlamatic has added a bunch of new strips for the fall. The new girls on the block are Compass by Traci Spencer, Galaxion by Tara Tallan, Shrub Monkeys by Kt Shy and Shagster Shan, Unicorn Campaign by Rachael Moore, Voyage Moyen by Michelle Mauk (all subscription free) and The Blackwater Tales Pippa Carter.

All these strips are brand new, most with only a single strip or two. Still, I was impressed with the art work I've seen so far (I don't believe in judging writing based on a first strip).

Also returning to Girlamatic are Kistmet: Hunter's Moon by Layla Lawlor and Spades by Diana McQueen.

On a sadder yet related note, Girlamatic's original editor, Lea Hernandez, was involved in a horrible house fire this morning. Eric Burns, Scott Kurtz and others have already expressed concern for her much better then I can. Feel compassion and act accordingly.


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