DS 87: Guest Review of Joe Loves Crappy Movies

Digital Strips : Show 87
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To kick up the number of shows I’ve recruited the blog staff to join me on the show. The first one up is The Geek who picked his favorite comic not knowing I am a movie whore. I dare you to read every strip AND every review.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Joe Loves Crappy Movies by Joe Dunn
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    8 thoughts on “DS 87: Guest Review of Joe Loves Crappy Movies

    1. Hey, didn’t the contest to kill Zampzon end a while ago…or did I just black out during the part of the podcast/blog where that was discussed? Such things are known to happen from time to time.

    2. Good point. The winner will be announced on the blog at end of the week and on the podcast following the post. Unfortunatly we had a small turn out (although every one of the entries made me laugh) so we probably won’t have another contest for a long time.

    3. Well as unfortunate as that is, at least you got a supernatural scapegoat out of the deal, potentially of the Sox mythos. When will the curse of the unliving Zampzon strike again?

    4. Regarding your criticism that Joe reviews movies too late – that won’t be an issue for all of his readers. Most movies are released several months later in countries such as Australia than they are in America. Of course that means we get the reviews much too early, so timing’s going to be a problem no matter what Joe does.

    5. DS, the Geek, thanks so much for taking some time to read JLCM and talk about it. I’m really shocked an honored. You guys are awesome!

      I’m sorry about the long reviews. I analyize these things to death. 😀

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