Is He Gone Yet?

The contest finally came to an end and it appears no one actually believed he left. There are a few of you though that sent in your entries and all of them were great. Fortunately for me though there can be only one winner or I’d be out a lot more money. Before I go on all I have to say is thank goodness the winner stopped drawing me naked. They may what was holding him back from this masterpiece. So who is the winner? It would be this entry:

Head Injury Theater
Jared Van Hindman of Head Injury Theater walks away with the prize of the moment. This entry had me in utter sticthes. I was dying every time I read it. The runner up was the entry from the beautiful artwork of Eric F Myers. You can see the other entries by linking to the contest page along the left.


4 thoughts on “Is He Gone Yet?

  1. I don’t get it … did Zampzon eat Phil ? If so, that’s going be one huge turd…

  2. Me too.

    Oh and the Daku nude thing? Let us never speak of it again. We all do things for money that we’re not proud of. Seriously, I really don’t know why that became a trend. Like, at all.

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