Interest Piquers #8 ~OR~ Broken Walls. Check.

Some really big news this week, with Drunk Duck being acquired in a huge (catastrophic?) move by Platinum Studios, more webcomic interview goodness from Wizard, and more!

Oh, and with regards to the eagerly anticipated, universally panned review of A History Of Webcomics, I shall simply quote You’ll Have That’s Wes Molebash:

There’s a lot of drama in webcomics, and I think it’s funny.

Couldn’t have said it better, Wes. I will indeed have that. Now listen up, and listen good, because I’m only gonna say this once.

  • Speaking of Wes, the first volume of YHT has been reviewed for the December issue of Comics Buyers Guide. The review appears to be quite beaming from the brief excerpts he posted on his site, so pick up your own copy of YHT: Vol. 1 to keep up with the geniusosity.
  • It’s the giant elephant in the room that EVERYONE is talking about. Drunk Duck is now property of Platinum Studios, evil geniuses behind the recent signing of DJ Coffman for his coming epic, Hero By Night. Reaction has been decidely mixed within the community as to what this might mean, from reactions of ecstatic joy to… well, webcomic-branded sarcasm, the best example of which can be found here.
    So what does this mean for our beloved artform? While I’ll admit my own perspective is skewed by all the satire and crap flying from both sides (much like my own screwed up world image from watching too much Daily Show), it does seem that it’s much ado about nothing. If Platinum thinks there are walls to be broken down between the reader and the creator, then they’ve already put themselves at a disadvantage by disrespecting the visionaries and pioneers who got to that task first.
    I’m really interested to see if the boss is able to wrangle an interview with someone at Platinum to get a post-purchase take on whether or not they feel the need to back-peddle in terms of language and just what they’re trying to accomplish here.
  • Are you keeping up with the latest Yirmumah! saga? “Origin” has me hooked and I have no idea where DJ’s taking us with this terrific change of pace. Bar fights, witchcraft, angry bikers, seriously, what’s NOT to like?
  • I’m really starting to like Wizard’s recent series of interviews with webcomic leaders. Their stake in the print side of the biz means they can reach tons of readers and fans that have yet to discover the amazing world on the other side of the broadband connection. This week’s lucky guest was Jon Rosenberg of Goats, and his Webcomic Question of the Week was…

    What professional title do you prefer: webcomicker, webcomics artist, creator or what’s the standard these days? Or is there one?

    When people ask me what I do, I tell them I draw comics. Titles are a pretty silly thing, I don’t know if there is a standard but I’m sure it is a topic of heated debate on some message board somewhere.

    Well said, Jon. Check out the full interview here.

Check out the next issue of Zoinks! for an in-depth review of Brinkerhoff (The William G must be cringing at that thought) and a hearty Q&A session with Matt Chapman, one half of the Brother Chaps, creators of Homestar Runner. Until next week, get out there, watch some Heroes, and break down those walls!


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