Welcome to the New Digital Strips!

Some of you might have heard the rumors already or maybe figured it out on your own since we weren’t being exactly secretive but we are proud to announce the new Digital Strips. The most obvious change is the front which we hope is more streamlined. The biggest change though is the use of WordPress as our blogging tool which we hope will make your experience every bit as good as DS is for us.

Not everything is finished though and we plan to roll out more of the new site as we go along but we felt that we could not hold back any longer and so here you go. You will find right from the get-go we have two new submission policies for everyone. From now on instead of using our completely overflowing inbox we are switching over to using a online submission form for both news and web comics. All of these submissions will be sent to a central location for all the staff to view and research instead of just me. News may actually happen on time from now on.

As the weeks come by the site will slowly become the image of beauty we keep telling everyone it is with new pages of content, merchandising, and simply a more powerful and useful blogging tool for searching through the archives. The archives at the moment are giving me a hell of a time importing so I’ll announce when they have been integrated. Please do not email me on how to do that though as I’ve read more then enough instructions to know that I’m simply going to have to use my personal tools to do it.

So enjoy the new site and give us your opinions. Tell us what were doing wrong and I bet we’re already working on it, but at least we’ll know someone reads our blog!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Digital Strips!

  1. I like the new look, Daku. It’s very clean and uncluttered. I look forward to seeing what DS has in store for us this year. Keep up the great work!

  2. I've visited the site on again off again (along with the pod-cast) for the past year and when I saw the new look I realizedI'll need to pay more attention from now on. Thanks!

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