Web Comic Wrap Up

PC Weenies – PC Weenies Hit 900 at the beginning of this week. The PC Weenies, the venerable technology toon written by Krishna M. Sadasivam, hits its 900th toon on Monday, August 7th. With bona fide adult content (a first!). You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll wish you were at Walmart. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Blade Kitten – Blade Kitten is finally killing some trees. After a couple of years of nothing but net Steve Stamatiadis finally decided to release the first collection of Blade Kitten as a print edition. It’s like having a website that you can carry around in your hands and can be read using any available light source.

Sophisticated Pig – Adult web comics have rarely been at the top of my list as so many times I’ve seen comics that were adult just because the author wanted to draw nude people. I’m still looking for one but AdultWebComics might find one for me. Adult Webcomics announced the launch of its fourth ongoing strip, 'Sophisticated Pig', a comic about fashion, espionage and anthropomorphic bestiality written by Wiz Rollins and illustrated by WCCA-nominated web cartoonist Chad Diez. It started through a forum sketch battle on Transplant Comics using this ‘pig' character. Chad posted an open call for any writers and Wiz sent him a script which turned into Chapter One.

Suburban Tribe – I’m really late in posting about this but I was trying to save it for a special occasion. What with all the problems with putting up the new site everything has just been taking too long. Anyways the Louisville Courier-Journal published quite an impressive article about Suburban Tribe. It goes in-depth into John Lee’s reason’s for creating his strip, inspirations, how he draws the strip, and even the characters themselves.


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