The Beginning Of The New Comic

We’ve mentioned this on the podcast and I know you have all been waiting. Before you continue I bet you’re wondering what makes this comic so different? Well with Zampon out of the picture we searched far and wide for the best artists to pick up our cute little outlet and we turned no further then then our very own bloggers. The DS Comic will be created by not just one artist but three: The Geek, PookeyG, and the Midnight Cartooner.

So what are the rules? The comic will be about anything web comics using at least one member of the staff. I have a feeling most of these will be gag strips but don’t rule out a full graphic page for your viewing pleasure. Without further ado we bring you the new Digital Strips Comic!


2 thoughts on “The Beginning Of The New Comic

  1. Cool strip, though from having seen the videos I thought Daku was a black guy…

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