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Waitaminute. Didn’t I do this already?Sorta., the video hosting solution we were using for the past few weeks sucks. Pretty hard. It’s decent for video blogging all on your own. But to use as a host for other blogs, it’s quite unwieldy. I’ve heard complaints about not being able to see the videos (particularly from Will G, but hey: he’s a complainer), long loads, and sometimes it just wouldn’t upload. is still in beta, so I forgive, but it’s not what we need for our stuff.

So. YouTube it is. It’ll just be easier in the longrun. And when you go see them, it’s easier to browse and watch other videos from the con, etc etc.

So this video, the one up above, is and is not a repeat. In order to fit the video on YouTube, I had to trim it down by about a minute to fit it under YouTube’s ten-minute runtime limit (another reason I was trying to hold out on for so long). Which stank, because I really liked it the way it was. So if you’ve missed this, or others, you’ll be seeing them again in no time (I’m going to remove the older vidposts later), along with fresh new interviews from ConnectiCon 2006. I’ll upload them as frequently as I can (but no more the one a day).

Thanks for bearing with the technical nonsense.


2 thoughts on “Video Bloggin’

  1. particularly from Will G, but hey: he’s a complainer


    I’ve had nothing but nice things to say about your new facial hair. Give a brother his props.

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