DS 83: Review of The Dreamland Chronicles

Digital Strips : Show 83
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One of the newest styles in the web comic world is the 3D comic. Phil found this strip and argues it being the best example and once you see it you just might agree. The guys behind Blue Dream Studios have put together a beautifully rendered comic not to miss.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The Dreamland Chronicles by Scott Christian Sava
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    4 thoughts on “DS 83: Review of The Dreamland Chronicles

    1. Wow. I’m quite flattered that you guys actually spent the better part of 36 minutes talking about my little comic book.

      Thank you guy so much for your interest…critiques…and thoughts.

      I’m currently re-writing the next chapter of Dreamland to get rid of the Ninjas before anyone finds out. It’ll be like it never happened…I promise.

      I’d comment on individual critiques…but honestly…I wouldn’t know where to begin. I think your negative critiques were well founded…and of course I have no problem with your positive critiques.

      Again…I’m just flattered that you guys liked it enough to give it it’s own episode. Thank you.


    2. I can testify that it’s remarkably difficult to create the illusion of movement in a 3D comic. Although motion blur is an option, it generally requires one to actually animate the movement to get the right effect – which significantly increases the work required to produce a single panel.

      I’m currently experimenting with creating motion blur in Photoshop for Crimson Dark, but it’s not easy.

    3. I think what would have added to this review was if you had an interview with Scott Sava as well. I think it would have been very interesting to hear Scott speak about his creative process and how, in a relatively short amount of time, he has managed to turn Dreamland Chronicles into a webcomic hit. Other than that, it was a great, in depth review.

      Nice stuff, guys!

    4. It kind of reminds me of Pixar or what a Pixar web-comic would look likereally cool stuff. I also agree with AP Furtado that interviewing the artist (via Skype or whatever) would really add to the pod-cast.

      Thanks guys

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