More Tales Go Modern

Ah Fall, the air is getting colder, kids are heading back to school and everything is dieing all around us. One good thing about autumn time though, is new entertainment schedules both on TV and on the Web.

Earlier this month Modern Tales got a new editor, Shaenon K. Garrity, who quickly opened Modern Tales up for new submissions. Nine new strips have been added to Comics Lounge Section which is free so it can be enjoyed by any and all cheapskates out there, such as myself.

The nine new strips are (in no particular order) Brain Fist by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Where Am I Now? by Jon Bakos and Ross Smith,Genre City and Kings of Pop, by Benjamin Birdie (who must have decided on strip on Modern Tales wasn't enough) Anywhere but Here, by Jason Siebels Wondermark, by David Malki, Irregular Webcomic (my personal favorite but I'm biased because I love science, puns and legos) by David Morgan-Mar, Popcorn Picnic, by Chris Shadoian, Spork, by Sylvan Migdal.

I'll admit I've never visited Modern Tales until now. I new it was there. I heard it was cool. I just never clicked. The promise of new reading material to distract me from my new jobs/class schedule however has drawn me in and I'm digging it so far. I really like how Garrity has interviewed each of the new members to her site and so I find out more about the strips and the people behind them.


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