Melonpool On Strings Gets Its Wings

Steve Troop, creator of Melonpool, announced a new weekly feature scheduled to appear every Friday on Kevin Smith’?s new Web site, Quick Stop Entertainment.

Troop’s Melonpool puppets will have a new 3-5 minute ‘quickcast’ available every Friday at the new site. The first installment is already up and was edited by Chad Diez and a new Melonpool theme song was created for the quickcast by Erik Przytulski. In addition to Troop, who performs the title character and Przytulski who performs Ralph Zinobop, Roger Przytulski will continue to perform Sam T. Dogg and Chris Gleason will continue to perform Sammy the Hammy’s roles they all created for a small student film. The puppets have made regular appearances at comic conventions and Troop plans to tape more footage for his new feature at Comic Con International in San Diego this July.

So what are these quickcasts going to be? From the first installment it appears to be something along the lines of the aliens interacting with real world. I almost want to see the original comic acted out in front of me in these short little casts. Steve could combine the two and use his comic as the script, but maybe I’m being a little bit to obvious. It would be enough to see the puppets ask silly questions to kids and adults and show just how crazy our little world is.


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