Dork Tower Get Harvey Nod

I’m back. Well not really, in a geographical sense I’m still gone. But I’m settled down for a bit and have a dialup connection and I’m sick of sitting on the sidelines so in a limited way, I’m back and happy to be so.

Because I only have dialup, I haven’t been able to follow all my usual strips for the last month. Today I finally decided to check and see what Dork Tower was up to these days. As it turns out, not much. Apparently John Kovalic has had his hands full of late and has been able update his strip as much as he (and his fans) would like.

This was disappointing until I looked over at the most recent news post that said Kovalic has just been nominated for a couple of Harvey Award for best cartoonist and special award in humor. The Haveries are a by creators for creators comic book awards and a fairly big within the industry so mad prop to Kovalic.

Dork Tower is the first strip that I ever read online and remains one of my favorites today. If you like geek humor, especially jokes relating to Dungeons and/or Dragons, head on over and check it out. Now’s the perfect time to catch up on the adventures of Ken, Igor and Carson and the rest.

And to Kovalic, take your time getting your stuff in order. We’ll be here when you get back.

Side note: There is also an online category for the Harveies. Kovalic didn’t get a nomination but Achewood, American Elf, Penny Arcade, PVP and Perry Bible all did so congrats all around.


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