Will Eisner Documentary in Production Now

I recently discovered that a new documentary is being made about Will Eisner and deservedly so. No matter where or how you read your comics, in books, in a newspaper or on the web, Eisner’s influence can be felt. He’s widely considered the “Father” of comics and pioneered the concept of the graphic novel and coined the phrase “sequential art”. I can’t wait to check out this film.

If you head over to the official web site for the documentary, Will Eisner : The Spirit of An Artistic Pioneer, you can find a few more details. The site itself is pretty sparse at the moment, but you can download a full 10 minute clip from the upcoming release. The clip features all sorts of photos from Will’s past, his artwork, interviews with several prominent cartoonists and a one on one interview with Will himself, obviously shot very close to the end of Eisner’s life.


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