Who Says You Can’t Be A Winner?

If there’s one thing I like about digital media it’s how easy it is to have a contest. Here’s three that have popped up on my radar.

Please Rewind – The re-launch of Please Rewind coincides with several new promotions of which being on the cover of Zoinks! is the just the icing on the cake. Chris Cantrell is also having a contest where the winner gets a $50 gift certificate to Blockbuster and $50 for Fandango. That’s like 2 whole movies! Submit your guest strip to win.

Rampage Hosting Network – This month’s contest is also the celebration of the network’s second anniversary. Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies has offered up a fill in the caption strip for which you can win one of two prizes, the First volume of Flight which was helped put together by the famous Kazu Kibuishi from Bolt City. The other prize is the First Volume in the Alpha Shade series. This contest is extra special as yours truly will be one of the judges.

Webcomics in Print – Tomorrow is the last to submit and win your very own Beaver & Steve book: A Shoeful of Trouble.


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