Web Comic Wrap-up

My Extra Life – I finally get some time to take a look at Scott Johnson’s new tutorial on how he makes his comic. Don’t you know it’s down? I wonder if it was the video itself that broke its back. Anyways the whole concept sounds fantastic and fits perfectly with the concept of web comics. Why? because our readers want their entertainment in short bursts and this little recording does exactly that. Its basically an entire video of Scott creating a new ExtraLife comic, but all sped up with narration.

Ninja Bunny – This little comic was sent to me in celebration of its 100 strip. What is the strip about? The name practically gives it away. Mike Hull has started a new blog that has a lot of potential. Webcomics in Print is all about the world of web comics in the form environmentalists hate most.


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  1. Actually it\’s not Mike Hull – Hull is the place I live in the United Kingdom. My last name is Rouse-Deane, but thanks for the link! 😀

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