A Scanner, A Scanner, My Kingdom for a Scanner!

It’s late at night and I’m in my hotel room in Dallas, TX. I just wanted to jump online and give a little update here on the Digital Strips comic. I know it seems like I’ve been slacking, but really I’ve been drawing and writing the comic from plane to plane. It’s just damn hard to find a scanner when you really need one. The hotels I hop around to all have business centers where printers and photocopiers are aplenty, but I have yet to find one with a scanner. This past weekend I made it back home for a few precious hours before hitting the airways yet again and I was able to get a bunch of stuff scanned.

To make it up to you here’s a couple more comics along our unfolding little tale:

And here’s is the Digital Strips comic that is appearing in this month’s issue of Zoinks Magazine:
Speaking of Zoinks Magazine, those of you who have been submitting your comics to them and getting published in Zoinks should check out this page. That’s a list of all the comic book shops in Canada that are currently carrying Zoinks on their shelves.

How awesome is that? Webcomics are infiltrating the printed space, exposing print comic fans to the world of webcomics. Stuff like this is sorely needed. This insular community needs as many paths for acquiring new blood as it can find and huzzah to Zoinks for helping make that happen. Huzzah I say, huzzah indeed.


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