DS 71: Review of You Damn Kid!

Digital Strips : Show 71
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Ever since we heard this strip was looking to make the talk box we have been dying to review this one. I dare you to not think about the Wonder Years when you read this strip, although I’ve pretty much one the dare by bringing it up in the first place.
In this episode we talk about:

  • You Damn Kid! by Owen Dunne
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    1 thought on “DS 71: Review of You Damn Kid!

    1. Hi Guys!

      Thanks for the review…and no, my life is not horribly depressing. I just have a very dark sense of humor. As for the stories, about half are based on something that really happened, others are related to something I\’ve seen or heard recently. A handful are complete fiction. The characters are painted with pretty broad strokes because I try to find the humor in the situation, not the people. But I\’m not always trying to make you laugh, and that\’s a problem with the format because people assume since it\’s a \”comic\” it\’s supposed to be funny. I\’ve had people read the \”Fudgie\” story and say \”that\’s not funny.\” Well, it\’s not supposed to be, and if you read it thinking I\’m trying to be funny then I can come off as a cruel asshole.
      As far as \”The Wonder Years\” comparisons go, it\’s really in format only. One of the reasons I use the kidprint font in my strip is I want the reader to think it\’s coming from a kid\’s mouth, not an adult. \”The Wonder Years\” always had that \”moment\” in every show where the adult Kevin would reveal his epiphany for the week…\”at that instant I realized what dad had been going through, and our relationship changed from then on…\” I would never do that.
      As to the Fox deal, it\’s being developed as an animated show. And that\’s all I can say about that.

      Thanks again for the review!

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