DS 66: Interview with Joey Manley

Digital Strips : Show 66
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In this episode the Digital Strips crew interview one of the hardest working people in webcomics, Joey Manley. Joey has been behind the creation of sites like Modern Tales, Talk About Comics and Webcomics Nation among several others. Joey talks with us about his exploits, his thoughts on webcomic business models and the future of his innovations in online comic distribution.
In this episode we talk about several sites from Joey Manley:

  • Modern Tales
  • Webcomics Nation
  • GirlAMatic
  • Graphic Smash
  • Talk About Comics
  • Serializer.net
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    6 thoughts on “DS 66: Interview with Joey Manley

    1. That was a great interview guys. Having once been a member of the Modern Tales family and a current WebcomicsNation account holder, I can tell you that Joey is Da\’ man. One of his best qualities and what has probably contributed to his success in some small way is his ability to let the comic creators working for him do what they do best, and soliciting opinions of those creators in making some decisions about the creative end of his business. Likewise, when it comes to the business side of things, most ModernTales creators take a step back respecting that this is Joey\’s arena. Joey knows when to put the left foot in and take the left foot out, which is something that makes working within the ModernTales family quite fun.
      Nice Job.

    2. To clarify a point Joey made about giving away free passes at the Small Press Expo:

      I don\’t think we quite gave out a thousand of them, but we certainly did give out a couple hundred. Most people looked at us incredulously: like we were trying to trying to sell them a bottle of Dr. Montgomery\’s Magical Nerve Tonic.

      We\’d have had more luck giving them out for free with the purchase of a Coke or something. (Oh wait, Keenspot is Coke; I meant Pepsi.)

      Comic conventions are fun for the social camraderie, but for the Modern Tales business model 1.0 they aren\’t/haven\’t been particularly beneficial. That said, business model 2.0 might have better luck, as name recognition will be more important than individual \”sales.\”

      I second Joey\’s call for a Comixpedia webcomics festival. (Though someone would probably need to supply Xaviar with a lifetime supply of methamphetamines so that he could permanently eradicate sleep from his schedule.)

    3. Most of the people I worked with at the Streaming Media conventions preferred cocaine.

      Yes, putting on conventions is that kind of a business.

      I stuck with Mountain Dew.

    4. Everyone I know that has a PSP hates using it to look at anything on the internet. It\’s slow and you have to scroll all over.

      Alpha Shade

    5. Agreed on the PSP browser.

      The PSPStrips thing will be downloadable comics, sized to fit the PSP screen, synchronized automatically to your PSP with RSS feeds through PSP Media Manager.

      That people have to pay extra for Media Manager is a flaw in the plan, I readily admit. I wish Sony had released it for free, and included it with every PSP, the way that iTunes is free. Sony still keeps making mistakes.


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