[News] Web Comic Wrap-up

And you thought this thread was dead. Let’s see if we can’t get back on top of all the news we’ve missed reporting.

KomikwerksJohnny Saturn, a gritty superhero webcomic created by Scott Story and Benita Story started updating on the Komikwerks. It will update 7 days a week until it runs through the archives; thereafter new episodes will update every Saturday. The strip is described as a mix of Greek mythology, angels and demons, battles with addiction, and 19th century Romanticism resulting in some pretty bizarre tales.

That Darn Chauncey – This alternative comic strip has attracted a bizarre, almost “cult-like” following, particularly among the homeless and mentally impaired. Everything Is Swell — A Collection of “That Darn Chauncey” Cartoons features over 100 hilarious and disturbing cartoons. Crudely drawn as if by an autistic child, That Darn Chauncey is jam-packed with razor sharp wit, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud in an embarrassing and unseemly manner.

The PC Weenies – The cartoonist Krishna M. Sadasivam appeared on the MyMac podcast a few days back. The interview starts half-way through the show, and discusses the origin behind The PC Weenies, touches on its 7 year history and upcoming plans for the months ahead. Also, the Podcast features a contest whereby one lucky listener can win a walk-on appearance in an upcoming PC Weenies toon.

HOUSD – Tommorow marks the 1000th strip of HOUSD. Ali plans to have a special super size comic to celebrate as well as a creating a wikipedia dedicated soley to HOUSD. Congrats Ali in joining the 1000 strip club.


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