[News] Introducing the Web Comic Section of Your Local Paper

I had this idea six months ago! The thought is that a review site would be the perfect place to find a list of comics your readers would be interested in reading. My biggest reservation was the very reason I thought it was a good idea. There’s all these hundreds of good web comics that are good because there’s no editor to tell them how to be funny. They don’t have to hold back and have no schedule to force themselves to produce back jokes when they have writer’s block.

It’s a perfect nightmare to mange.

Of course while I’m tossing and turning thinking of how to create an online syndicate
The Daily Herald, third-largest newspaper in Illinois, has launched Beep!. Using WebComicsNation’s tooncasting feature they managed to showcase some of the best comics out there in Athena Voltaire, Digger, Dungeons & Denizens, Ice, Narbonic, Neil Lisst, Paradigm Shift, The Real Gorilla, and Templar. So what happens when one of these decides to explore a little freedom of speech? There’s the headache that’s kept me away.


5 thoughts on “[News] Introducing the Web Comic Section of Your Local Paper

  1. I think the spectre of \”exercising their free speech\” can be avoided if they\’re paying a webmaster to stay on things: Just kill the tooncast for that day.

    Mind you, it\’s unlikely they have that since \”I\’ll never have lesbian sex again!\” in Narbonic seemed to have made it through. I guess what they\’ll do is just yank a strip the second a complaint shows up.

  2. There\’s a reason that The Daily Herald has one of Illinois\’s largest circulations… it FREE! And you don\’t even have to leave your house, it\’s delivered every Wednesday to the fine folks south of Chicago (if they want it or not). More than half of it are ads and the half of what\’s left are classifieds. I wish there where comics in the Herald, then I might actually read it.

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