DS 53: Review of Seraphic Blue and The Fantastic Mr. Grant

Digital Strips : Show 53
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It’s a new year and the first podcast of 2006. Once again Zampzon is still away looking for leprechauns leaving me to mess things up. This time I have the pleasure of reviewing Seraphic Blue and The Fantastic Mr. Grant.Here are the comics talked about this week:

  • Seraphic Blue by Jekka Cormier and Sarah Hevey
  • The Fantastic Mr. Grant by Steve Galgas
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    7 thoughts on “DS 53: Review of Seraphic Blue and The Fantastic Mr. Grant

    1. I was wondering why the shows were being picked up by I-Tunes, I guess Zampzon was the one who usually does that, eh?

      Good luck on getting neutered. And don\’t worry, I hear the hair grows back quick.

    2. Glad you got Mr. Grant! I was going to suggest that comic in my email I recently sent you guys, but forgot to mention it! What a coincidence! šŸ™‚

    3. In Seraphic\’s defense for their transition \”badness\” the meanwhiles are supposed to be annoying and almost cliche.

    4. Just to clarify: It\’s pronounced \”Hee-vee\”, not \”Heavy\”. …and \”tod\” is pronounced \”tawd\”, not \”toad\”. The comic is \”Surr-aff-ick\”, not \”Surf-ick\”.

    5. Wow, it most have sounded like I totally mutilated some of the words when I was reviewing Seraphic.

      In my defense on the site it says Tod is the German word for death which is pronounced toad, but of course tawd is perfectly acceptable since it\’s your comic\’s word. I\’m just happy I remembered some of my German from school.

      I also probably said Seraphic really fast making it sound wrong when I meant to pronouce it the correct way. You can ask Zampzon about how I say specific and you\’ll understand a little more why that\’s funny.

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