The Guy That Sold Hogan’s Heroes

Here’s yet another Digital Strips comic. Huzzah! This strip poses a question I’ve often wondered myself, just how in the hell did that show get pitched? I mean, really, think about it. You have a room full of TV execs listening to this idea and then look around at each other and decide it’s a good idea? Would this fly today? Bernie Fein was the guy that created the sitcom and he must have been one silver tongued guy to pull that off. Oh well. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “The Guy That Sold Hogan’s Heroes

  1. Wait, you mean a sitcom about a Nazi death camp isn\’t always comedy gold? My entire world has just turned on it\’s ear, you\’ll have to give me a minute to regain myself.

  2. You know…I never knew what Hogan\’s Heroes was about until just now. Sweet mother of GOD some of the vintage shows WERE screwed up.
    Somehow I\’m reminded of \”Hallo, Hallo!\”. Any European sitcom about Nazi occupation and hiding Jews in attics strikes me as particularly fucked up as well.

    Oh and I\’d rather have the guy who convinced the WB that \”Homeboyz in Outer Space\” was a good idea. :shudder:

  3. I dunno, done right, I think just about anything can be rather comedic. It may require the subject matter to be shown in an ironic, satirical, or overwhelmingly absurd fashion (as would be the case with death camps) but nothing is completely without potential.

    Reminds me of a George Carlin rant about Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd…

  4. Actually, that\’s an old Gilbert Gottfried bit. \”Who came up with the idea for Hogan\’s Heroes? \’It\’s the story of a bunch of prisoners in a Nazi POW camp – But it\’s a COMEDY!\’!\”

  5. ya people, death camps are not POW camps. one has humor and the other doesnt. these young kids today not knowing what hogan\’s heroes is about….

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