Eric Burns Reveals All, More About Websnark Then You Probably Wanted to Know

Today’s Digital Strips comic refers to the prolific writer and webcomic commentator Eric Burns. He’s best known for his cartoon critique blog Websnark, but he has his hands in many a webcomic pot. He writes the very cool comic Gossamer Commons, he writes for the Webcomics Examiner, and he has a recurring column on Comixpedia entitled ‘Feeding Snarky‘. The specific joke here refers to the column Eric wrote back in August. It was a really interesting read, but at the same time it sort of took me by surprise.

I have no idea if Eric actually looks like this, all I had to go on was the doodle of him on the Gossamer Commons site.

Also, there’s a bonus Digital Strips comic today over at PC Weenies. In celebration of seven years of updates Krishna is posting some guest art in his blog and I sent him one from us. He posted it on his site today and you can check it out here.


3 thoughts on “Eric Burns Reveals All, More About Websnark Then You Probably Wanted to Know

  1. I just want those who understand true erudition and rhetorical device to understand that, despite what this strip might imply, my understanding of the delicate effort to eke forth the aesthetic from sequential art has been misrepresented.

    I am all about mindless violence in webcomics.

    Thank you, and enjoy the shrimp. 😉

  2. HA! Thanks for showing everyone how you could kick my ass at writing any day. It\’s posts like this that make you ever awesome.

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