Web Comic Wrap-up

Webcomic Telethon – It’s only another 2 days before Brad Guigar and the Blank Label guys launch the telethon to benefit victims of Katrina. All proceeds will go towards the Red Cross in an outpouring of relief from our little community. Knowing the genius of Brad this event is going to be another perfect opportunity for the rest of the world to see that there is a web comics community and when it decides to help it’s a force to notice.

Penny Arcade – Slap me around and call me Sue. This is like something out of one of the movies where you see the auctioneer spouting some mythical number that we only comprehend when we look out how much we pay in taxes. Tycho and Gabe have auctioned off the cover of the PAX 2005 cover for an astounding $8700. Luckily the money goes directly to the Red Cross or the guys might be tempted to roll around in it.

Webcomics Press – Just as Zampzon and I are realizing how much real-life gets in the way of making consistent news posts there’s a new kid on the block. We can only sit back and see it they’re anywhere near as useful as Comixpedia.

Five Ways to Love a Cockroach – Is it just me or does reading through this strip fill one with a dual sense of awe and repulsion. Very good work to be inspire both feelings.


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