Creation of a Web Comic Artist, the Mockumentary

I was cruising around the world of web comics tonight, like I tend to do, and I came across a little gem you fine folks might find amusing. Zach Weiner, the cartoonist behind the web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and his friends have started posting video episodes of a series they call “The Jerry Simpiro Project” and they define it as “An ongoing documentary series about Jerry Simpiro, an up and coming web cartoonist“.

Each of the videos feature “Jerry”, played by Zach himself, being interviewed by an off screen filmmaker about how Jerry creates his comic and gets it onto the web. The whole thing is very tongue-in-cheek and sometimes very funny. It’s like a low budget Spinal Tap for web comics. The video clips make fun of many of the trappings some younger web cartoonists fall into. Jerry’s comic is about as derivative as you can get and his internet skills leave much to be desired. It made me chuckle. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “Creation of a Web Comic Artist, the Mockumentary

  1. Just watched ep. 1 and all in all, that was very good, funny stuff. I loved the \’Oh Grief!\’ catchphrase. Maybe the interviewer\’s character could use a tweak. I think he wavers a little too much between being as foolish as the artist and being a foil to him.

    I use dial-up, so when I next feel like living large, I\’ll download episode 2.

  2. I made a moclumentary myself for a digital editing class some time ago – Townies: Behind the Comic. I was gonna upload a highly compressed version of it minus the copyrighted music, but that never happened

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