Digital Strips is Critiqued By Cortland

The biggest problem with having so many web comics bookmarked is sometimes it takes weeks to get back to a strip you enjoy. Cortland is an excellent example of this as it was about two months ago I read it and so missed this gem.

Not being able to see the web comics we are reviewing is easily the biggest complaint we get, not to mention how hard it is to convince people to listen to a show with people talking about looking at something.


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips is Critiqued By Cortland

  1. That comic was damn funny. Thanks to Matt for mentioning us in his comic!

    If I might just make a note, we\’ve always recommended that people listen to our show at their computers so they can navigate to the strips we are talking about and listen along. That\’s why we make it a point to read out the comic\’s URL before getting into the commentary.

  2. I always listen to your show while drawing, but have your page up so I can dash over to the computer and click the link you provide in your blog when you talk about the comic – and I can see what you\’re talking about. It\’s pretty easy! Sometimes I don\’t always get the URL from the actual \’cast as it\’s not always clear, and spellings are often unusual…

  3. I usually sit at my computer while surfing other stuff, unitl I hear something that interests me. Just like washing dishes while listening to the radio.

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