VG Cats Gets Into Flame War With Anti Video Game Crusader

The recent debates over an ESRB rating change for the video game Grand Theft Auto 3 has taken many forms over the past couple of weeks. Blame and attacks in public forums have raged against the ESRB, video game retailers, Rockstar Games, gamers in general, etc.

To anyone apprised of video game industry drama it will be no surprise to hear that Jack Thompson has gotten involved. Thompson is a lawyer who sees his path to political power as scapegoating all of society’s woes onto video games. Scott Ramsoomair is the talented artist behind the very popular VG Cats, a video game parody web comic.

As an advocate of video games Scott has had some choice words and pointed comments for Mr. Thompson and several email messages have been passed between them as they debate the legitimacy of Thompson’s efforts. Scott has been posting all the email conversations to his site here and makes for an entertaining read. As is expected, once flustered with Scott’s arguments Thompson denigrates to the only defense he can ever muster and threatens legal action.

Scott’s friend and colleague, Tim Buckley, has chimed in with his thoughts on the whole scenario as well.

Web comic drama and video game drama coming together. What a beautiful thing.


1 thought on “VG Cats Gets Into Flame War With Anti Video Game Crusader

  1. I think Scott aggroes drama just as badly as Eric Burns. People like Jack Thomas shouldn\’t be allowed to touch a computer, it\’s just too dangerous for them.

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