Genesis 2 Tackles Evolution

We all like web comics that entertain but an art form can never mature until it does more then make you laugh. Editorials and opinion strips are an excellent example of strips which have elevated syndicates to the respected position in newspapers they currently have. This is where strips such as Genesis 2 steps in. In this strip we have Dan Beeston tackling the previously non-controversial but currently hot topic of Intelligent Design. From Dan:

Genesis 2 … is an explanation of evolution in an approachable form. My goal is to do more with the medium than simply entertain. I’m always trying to push it further and further.

A lot of thought and research has gone into the making of this strip and it does a fairly good job at approaching evolution. The overall narration is also playful and not trying to change the world so much as explain a topic that can be complex. Now if only we could have web comics like this as stickers in the back of your science books we could return to the 20th century.


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