Dayfree Press Changes Personnel

Someone was bound to chase after Ryan North after all the times he has been in the press. Ryan is the acclaimed creator of Dinosaur Comics which was nominated for 3 WCC Awards this year in addition to winning the Outstanding Anthropomorphic Comic Award. In a recent announcement Dayfree Press released that Ryan was filling in the recently vacated spot from BOASAS. On August 14 Steven Cloud took Boy on a Stick and Slither with him to Dumbrella as the first addition to the collective in over three years.

On a completely different note Dayfree Press chief Neil Gustavson has stepped down so he can dedicated more time to future comic projects and his Vault Distribution business. In his place the creator of the somewhat crazy but amazingly entertaining strip Sam and Fuzzy, Sam Logan, is stepping up to take “up the reins of the group. Readers and artists alike can fully expect a period of intense creative interference and stifling authoritarian rule.”


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