Web Comic Wrap-up

The winner for the brand spanking new Digital Comic category for this year’s Eisner Awards is Mom’s Cancer by Brian Fies. You can find all the winners here.

Keenspot has finally asked Two Lumps to join the shrinking list of Keenspot comics. In a past interview by Eric Burns with Mel and James you can find their feelings about the whole situation. Websnark brings up and interesting point in Keenspot should have approached the strip back with the announcement on Blank Label Comics. Having Two Lumps join now is like the 8 second comeback, you have may got me back but I can’t remember why I cared.

On top of winning the WCCA Outstanding Writing award Shaenon Garrity has tied with Flight for the Lulu of the year award. It looks like Narboinc is going to have quite a bit to talk about at Narbonicon III August 5-7 in Bloomington, Minnesota.


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