I So Want The Shirt

Every once in awhile someone in the web comic community gets elevated to a status where off hand remarks can cause a bit of drama in the huge world that is webcomics. It appears this is something which Eric of Websnark has slowly come to realize over the past few months. He has had a little bit of a bad week (by saying a little I’m using litote to it’s fullest extent) and in the middle of it all he writes what he thinks is a puff piece and ends of starting a full drama.

He talks this over with Kurtz of PvP and ends of with a T-shirt idea that’s pure gold:

11:49:28 PM Eric Burns: I aggro drama.
11:50:06 PM Scott Kurtz: HA!
11:50:08 PM Scott Kurtz: That’s awesome.
11:50:17 PM Scott Kurtz: put that on a tee shirt.If Eric doesn’t make the t-shirt we will. That’s a great little motto there.


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