Yirmumah Pushing Web Comics Forward … Again

Cartoonists have always been a topical bunch. Comic strips, political cartoons, and comic books commonly make reference to what’s going on in the world and the media. However, the realities of print publication often leaves a gap between real world events and the cartoonists’ comments on them.

The web comic offers a unique ability to publish instantly, making topical information readily available and placed in front of eyeballs almost as soon as the cartoonist is finished with the work. An excellent example of this idea in action can be found over at Yirmumah, where but a few hours after the bombings in London hit the media DJ Coffman had a comic up on his site referring to the event. Kudos go out to DJ for continuing the realization of the web comic’s potential to speak out on issues as fast as any other digital media. On top of all that it’s funny too.


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