Emergency Request to our Fans

I have a very selfish request to all our readers and listeners who may be attending the San Diego Comic Con. If you are planning on attending I’d like someone to go and get a signed sketch from Scott Kurtz of PVP Online of Brent or Francis listening to Digital Strips or something like that. The first person to respond saying they’ll go get this for me will be rewarded with some of the swag we have on hand from various web comic artists and a mention on our show. If Scott charges for the sketch I’ll reimburse you for that and the cost of shipping as well. I hope someone can do this for me since I won’t be able to attend while I’m at ConnectiCon. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Emergency Request to our Fans

  1. Many thanks Horatio, I really appreciate it. Once you send it I\’ll reimburse you for whatever it cost you and send you some free swag.

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