Phil Kahn, Comic Critic, Helps to Save ConnectiCon

The web comic community is rallying to help the creators of ConnectiCon. We got word from Phil Kahn, the writer of the web comic criticism site known as I’m Just Saying that he, too, is throwing his hat into the ring. He has posted an eBay auction and Phil will donate the proceeds to the Save ConnectiCon cause.

Whoever wins this auction will get a 2-4 page essay written by me, on any topic of their choosing in any form. Think of the possibilities! Promote your own work, raise awareness of another cause, whatever you want! The one thing I will not do is allow this to be turned into an attack on anyone. But other than that, go nuts. Don’t do it for me. I’m not getting a dime out of this. It’s all going to Save ConnectiCon. Do it for them. They need your help!

Phil’s site is very popular among those who are interested in web comics, so this could be a great opportunity to not only contribute to a worthy cause, but to also promote your own work.


1 thought on “Phil Kahn, Comic Critic, Helps to Save ConnectiCon

  1. Thanks for the help guys.

    Seriously folks: If no one bids on the thing, it won\’t do anyone any good. Currently it\’s going for a dollar.

    A dollar.

    Even if you don\’t want the essay, it\’s still essentially the same as donating. Consider the essay a perk.

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