DS 21: Guest Review of Zebra Girl, Greystone Inn, Voices In My Hand, and 9th Elsewhere

Digital Strips : Show 21 [13mb]

Our featured contest entry this week comes from Crone of the online comic Crone and Drone:

[ Click to see full image ]

We have a special show this week. For show 21 we are joined by two guest hosts T. Campbell and Dave Bellmore. Mr. Campbell is a well known name as an affluent writer throughout the web comics community. He and Dave host their own podcast on all things comics called Meanwhile, so be sure to check their show out as well. For this show we each selected one comic as our pick and brought each one up for discussion amongst the four of us.Our comic picks for this week are as follows:

  • T. Campbell : Zebra Girl by Joe England
  • Dave Bellmore : Greystone Inn by Brad Guigar
  • Zampzon : Voices In My Hand by Bill Charbonneau
  • Daku : 9th Elsewhere by Caroline Curtis
  • Be sure to drop us an email to let us know what you think of our show. We also love hearing about new and interesting web comics, so be sure to send in those links. If you are a comic creator and you have anything to promote or have any web comic related news be sure to let us know about that as well. We can always be contacted through email : digital.strips@gmail.com. Enjoy!


    3 thoughts on “DS 21: Guest Review of Zebra Girl, Greystone Inn, Voices In My Hand, and 9th Elsewhere

    1. Great show as always guys but one teeny, tiny suggestion: Can you please turn Zampzon\’s mic up just a bit. His volume is so much lower that I\’m finding myself flipping the volume throughout the podcast.

    2. hey guys –

      brad guigar answered the newsaper question on the philly feed number, um 4, i think. he is in the philly daily news and a couple other papers.


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