Keenspace Changes Name to “Comic Genesis”

This story was sent in to us from Brian Simpson via a post by Teammayhem on

Keenspace will be getting a new name. The new name, Toonspace, was smacked down by the artists on the thread, and they were allowed to get a new name. Thus, the new name will be ComicGenesis. A quick WhoIs search turns up that the name is indeed registered to Keenspot.

Why does this matter? Well, Keenspace is a vital part of the webcomics community, many start there before moving on (Or just staying there…) to larger things. According to some of the soon to be Comic Genesis staff, this means they’ll be able to release their own samplers, and have their own booths at conventions. What fun.


3 thoughts on “Keenspace Changes Name to “Comic Genesis”

  1. you might want to put who posted that on Korsil, just to give credit where Credit is due. Teammayhem Posted the original article.

  2. I haven\’t been to the Keenspace site in quite a while. It\’s a little bold and inyour face apparently.

    Somethign happen over there that I miss?

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