I See Your Bitch Slap and Raise You a Smack Down, Documentary Drama Plods On

No need to recap, all the details on this web comics documentary was only a few posts ago, so scroll down if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

We have a few updates in the latest unfolding internet drama. First and foremost is a public reply to the comments made by Tycho of Penny Arcade from one of the creators seen in the film, Cayetano Garza Jr. In a post to his personal blog Cayetano states, “… i’ve tried to keep my blog and my life unsullied of the egotistical ramblings of a couple of video game addicts crying “sour grapes” over some phantom exclusionary cogniscenti leaving them out or not picking them for the team.”

In response to Scott McCloud’s public demand that Tycho apologize for his comments about the as yet unreleased film, Tycho has posted a rebuttal in the Penny Arcade blog. You may not be entirely too surprised to discover that it isn’t quite an apology. Tycho mentions that McCloud and the Penny Arcade guys have traded words before and suggests this whole flame war may have nothing to do with the documentary at all, but may in fact be personal.

Also, since the comments made by Scott Kurtz of PVP Online were brought into the fray he has also posted a rebuttal to the comments made by McCloud. His comments are an interesting read and I really think he makes some good points.


3 thoughts on “I See Your Bitch Slap and Raise You a Smack Down, Documentary Drama Plods On

  1. I don\’t know, at this point I think all these guys should just be deliberating with one another privately over email. After a while, a bunch of regular guys trying to sway my opinion on an issue I have no part in seems somewhat exploitative, you know?

  2. Tom Spurgeon has an interesting twist on the whole topic. Actually it\’s not so much a twist as it\’s the truth for any art form. For as long as there has been money in art there\’s been a core disagreement between artists. Should art be for art\’s sake or to entertain and make money? Tom continues by pointing out the comic industry went through the same issues long ago but web comics are on an accelerated path.

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