Chronicles of Garas Announces Chapter 2 Complete

We got word today that the guys over at The Chronicles of Garas just completed chapter two of their very impressive fantasy based epic. The graphic novel style comic features impressive style and compelling storytelling and shows a great deal of effort and love of the comics form. I highly recommend everyone go have a look. While you’re there be sure to let Mark and Elshad know what you think of their stuff.


1 thought on “Chronicles of Garas Announces Chapter 2 Complete

  1. Hey, thanks, guys! I\’m actually pretty psyched about what\’s coming up in Chapter 3, and I think it\’s going to take most people by surprise, especially if they are expecting either a somewhat predictable (and slightly drawn-out) battle or a lot of talking. The book won\’t be \”heading in a bold new direction,\” but it will definitely up the ante, explore some of the characters\’ past, and show just what a bad mofo Veit really is šŸ˜€
    – Elshad

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