DS 16: Podcast Filler

Digital Strips : Show 16 [8MB]
Show 16 is ready for your listening pleasure. It’s only a brief one this week for reasons I’ll get into soon. First of all, though, here is a contest entry from our “We Love Web Comics Contest”. This is from Krishna Sadasivam, the artist behind PC Weenies.

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Ok, this week’s show is missing, well, me. I had family visiting all week and I didn’t have time to get prepared. So, Daku recorded his thoughts and discusses this week’s contest entry and other comic related podcasts. Next week we’ll be back with a regular show. Thanks for listening!


4 thoughts on “DS 16: Podcast Filler

  1. All week I have nothing to live for but this show, and when it comes all I get is 8 minutes?!? I like the review-job idea though. Can we use profanity in our reviews?

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