Web comics in print?

It always comes down to money. How can I, the lonely web comic artist, get more exposure and money? One solution is take your digitize art work and go hardcore. Well, at least start selling your archives in print form. We’ve reported before on the success of Megatokyo but Comixpedia has a nice round-up of several strips doing just that. Perhaps even more enlightening is Mom’s Cancer going into print. This announcement happened shortly after the strip was nominated for an Eisner.


3 thoughts on “Web comics in print?

  1. Yeah, Ctrl Alt Del has a \”Volume 1\” book of all the comics up to 150 I believe. It\’s interesting because Tim has used the book to write about his inspiration for certain comics, you get a little commentary for each comic. It was a huge project for him though, well worth a read if you can get hold of a copy!

  2. http://www.comixpress.com/\” REL=\”nofollow\”>ComiXpress offers short-run, on-demand comics printing starting from one copy (yes, one copy) onwards. Takes off the expense and guess of commiting to a minimum quantity print run as with standard print shops. Prices seem to be fair and quality good.

    Just thought this would be useful to someone here.

  3. Actually, ComiXpress has already been useful to us. We picked up a few copies of a comic from there for our contest give away. Very good service!

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