9 thoughts on “This Gave Me A Little Chuckle

  1. normally when I get stripped the offender\’s inseam rises by about four inches, but this is so awesome!

    btw, I love manga…

  2. It\’s funny how Zampzon hates manga because it\’s from a different culture and it doesn\’t make any sense for American artist to copy manga style, when in fact the modern manga style was copied from Walt Disney and 40\’s-50\’s style American comic books left behind by soldiers during the years after the end of WW 2.

    Don\’t believe me? look it up 🙂

    Type \”origins of manga style\” into google.

    As with the anime industry, the rise of the Japanese \”comic\” began with Western influences, as the first comic strips were published in American newspapers. The Japanese picked up on this and began using these kinds of comics for many purposes, including war propaganda, entertainment, or expression of opinion.

    \”But it was the so-called \”father of anime and manga\”, Osamu Tezuka, that really got the manga industry going. Citing the limitations of current Japanese comics, Tezuka began to draw his manga with deep story, extreme expression, and exaggerated style (taking from Disney\’s cartoonish style of character design). His first manga, \”New Treasure Island\”, and his later flagship story, \”Tetsuwan Atom\” (Astro Boy) were amazing successes and many artists began to tune into Tezuka\’s pictoral story-telling technique. By the 60\’s, several of Tezuka\’s works had been animated into what could be called the \”ancestors\” of anime, and many artists branched off from his influence to write stories of their own – some comedic, some romantic, and much more. As the anime industry developed its niche in Japanese society, so too did the quality of manga rise, and by the end of the 20th century, manga had evolved into anime\’s \”sibling\” in the evolution of anime in Japan and in other places in the world.\”

    I like manga, but… In the Webcomic world, it can be a big turn off. I don\’t think the style is copied more than any other style, newsprint 4 panel style, super hero style, gamer, elves… elves… The thing that irritates me about comic creators using it is the completely lack of imagination used in either the story lines or in the art. Screen tones? Why, it\’s on a computer… Characters with unpronounceable names that speak half English, half Japanese, and ending up coming out all gibberish. Authors setting their story in Tokyo when they know nothing about it. Feathers… Wings…

    I don\’t see anything wrong with using a manga style, just please don\’t just copy what everyone else is doing.

  3. Actually, I\’m well aware of the American origins in Manga. And it was the films from Max Fleischer, not Disney, that made their first impression. Betty Boop and her eyes in particular may look somewhat familiar to any fan of Manga.

  4. i don’t care where it came from its like freaken cat nip for nerds, people with no friends or are just plain weird. its like a cult thats brainwashing kids.

    P.S. I LOVE to burn manga too

  5. and one more thing, why are people who like manga puting stuff on this site

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