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I’d like to announce to everyone the opening of our very own IRC room. It seems we have some fans over on Cadnet and they have very graciously created a room for us and Digital Strips fans to come together and discuss what we do and web comics on general. So, a very special thanks goes out to Sionide and Xenon for setting this up.

First of all, head over the Cadnet homepage to learn all about their excellent IRC network. If you want to connect to our chat room quickly via a Java app simply click here. Or, if you know your way around IRC, you can use any IRC client and connect to port 6667 and jump into the room #digitalstrips.

This is a very cool thing. Watch this site and listen to our show for future announcements about events that we will hold in the IRC room. Maybe we can schedule a weekly time to be there to talk about our most recent show. Daku and myself will be popping in and out throughout the week I’m sure.


1 thought on “Digital Strips IRC Room

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I\’d like to ask everyone to bear with us while we get the channel established. It might be a little quiet in there from time to time, just hang around in there and there should be someone to talk to soon!

    Thanks again to Zampzon and Daku, keep up the good work guys.

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