Newspapers on the decline

This is the same old news we always here but it’s presented so clearly here. Newspapers have been declining since 1987 and trends have recently shown an increase in this decline. The web on the other hand has benefit ffrom this decline with a 30% increase in ad groththis year alone and consists of 5.4% of all advertising. Eventually we will finally see the retiring of the word ‘webcomic’ as are favorite medium over takes it’s print cousin.


3 thoughts on “Newspapers on the decline

  1. This makes you ponder… one aspect that I find curious of web comics is that many have adopted a standard, B/W newspaper strip format, perhaps in hopes of catching the eye of the syndicates… but as most newspapers begin to reduce the comics\’ real estate and the newspaper-reading crowd becomes mostly a bunch of aging, grumpy babyboomers, the appeal of getting syndicated is waning fast. Perhaps it is time for most webcomic creators to throw their cares to the wind and begin exploting in full the format flexibility the web has to offer – and hopefully be able to make a decent living.

  2. I think the strip format is still nicely horizontal– it fits the screen nicer.

    It\’s silly for ucomics or comicsherpa to limit the comics sizes EVEN on theit websites!! Nuts!– A nice 4 panel strip is pretty challengeing to deliver on a daily basis.

  3. Over the years, I\’ve come to value the idea of being syndicated less and less. Self-syndication works best for me. I deal directly with my clients and I collect the entire fee. Of course, that also means there\’s more work involved in finding clients, and it\’s not easy by any means.

    Newspaper comics are dying – but comics as a whole (Thanks in large part to webcomics) are undergoing a renaissance of sorts, and thriving in the new medium.

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