Eisner Awards has Best Digital Comic Award

The master nominee list has been released for the 2005 Eisner awards. We reported before over the possible creation of a ‘Best Digital Comic’ award and it looks like the category made it past the judges. The nominees for the first ever Eisner award for best digital comic are:

Athena Voltaire, by Steve Bryant
Bento & Starchky, by zer0 (Peter Branting)
Copper, by Kazu
Jonny Crossbones, by Les McClaine
Mom’s Cancer, by Brian Fies
ojingogo, by matt forsythe

It would appear that I need to add five new strips to my ever expanding bookmarks as I have only seen Athena Voltaire. It’s a little bit of a shame the award is only given to long form comics as many of the best and most popular strips are gag strips.


4 thoughts on “Eisner Awards has Best Digital Comic Award

  1. I was really diappointed that they only accepted long-form stuff as well. It pretty much solidifies that overlying belief in comics that long-form books are higher artistically than gag strips, which is absurd. If anyone deserves an award for webcomics, it is Jeff Rowland of Wigu/Overcompensating fame. That man\’s brilliance and consistency far outweighs that of a couple of those Eisner nominees. Bah! Cartoonist rampage, Mitch smash!

    P.S. I love your guys\’ show!

  2. I\’m happy to see this got picked up as a catagory. Thanks for having a clear place to keep the webcomic news.

  3. Kurtz did get nominated but not for a digital comic, since pvp is not a long form strip. He was nominated for:

    Best Humor Writer/Artist
    Kyle Baker, Plastic Man
    Phil Foglio, Girl Genius
    Scott Kurtz, PvP
    Eric Powell, The Goon
    Johnny Ryan, Angry Youth Comix

    I was so annoyed with myself for not catching this when I originally made this post.

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