Process Behind “You’ll Have That” Details

Not a few hours after I came up with the idea to put up these ‘How To’ posts did I read Friday’s blog post by Wes Molebash, artist behind the comic ‘You’ll Have That‘. The post gives extensive detail on how he creates his comic.

Fans of the behind the scenes look at comic creator’s processes will find a lot to love here. Wes provides photos of each stage of comic creation and details how he goes about his work. The post focuses in his inking technique, so we don’t get to read about his writing process or any computer work involved.

He starts off with a photo of his drawing table and Bristol board already designed with pre-drawn panel borders and lettering lines. He sketches in the characters and background elements and adds the text via pencil. The inking starts with the lettering and then on to the character outlines. This is one of the few online comics where the lettering and balloons are done by hand.

Wes is clearly a student of classic comic strip art and the quality shows through in his strip. This is a pretty detailed and interesting step-by-step showcase of Wes’s process. Very well done and informative.


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