DS 9: Review of Greystone Inn, Paradox Lost, Chopping Block, and Worm Wars

Digital Strips : Show 9 [12 MB]
Our 9th show is online and available. Let the downloading begin!

In this show we return to our roots. The change in format focuses on the reviews of web comics, as it should be. If you want the news you can read the blog.

Daku starts us off with a brief discussion on what it takes to get started learning to draw for your own comic.

Then we get into our web comic picks for the week:

  • Greystone Inn by Brad J Guigar
  • Paradox Lost by Dave Lister
  • Chopping Block by Lee Adam Herold
  • Worm Wars by Eric Smith and Jon McElroy
  • We then read from our listener submissions. You’ve heard what we’re reading, now we hear what you’re reading:

  • Pupkin sent in by Erika Gunthry
  • Panels and Code Ninjas sent in by ST
  • The Last Days of Roland & Cid sent in by Michael Grimm
  • Lindgren Cartoons sent in by Eric Lindgren
  • Be sure to stop by next week when we interview DJ Coffman from Yirmumah. Please remember to send us your feedback. We want to hear from you, what do you think of the show, what is your favorite web comic, do you have any web comic news or announcements, what web comic do you create yourself? Tell us!

    Thanks for listening.


    2 thoughts on “DS 9: Review of Greystone Inn, Paradox Lost, Chopping Block, and Worm Wars

    1. This might have been my fave show so far. The natural humour in your discussions is always hugely entertaining. What I also particularly liked this week was the argument / dissent /dummy-spit over the merits of manga. Zampzon\’s sarcasm – \’You found a manga comic about 2 guys making videogame jokes. What a rare find\’ – made me laugh my proverbial arse off.

      The discussion about starting drawing (from scratch) was also pretty good stuff with a few broad observations about approaches and the worth of developing a personal style.

      My fave comic that you showed me this week was Chopping Block, so thanks for the heads up.

    2. hey guys. i\’m just leaving a message to say that your show and your idea is good, in fact i actually have the \’how to draw the marvel way\’ book.

      however, your show does not run smoothly. you tend to stop and start in quite a brutal way, as if you lack a little set of notes on each comic you present, or each spot you do. i\’d prefer, since this is the first one i\’ve listened to, that your shows could run a little smoother.

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